Our "keep it simple" Menu
Enjoy this simple sandwich lunch for a quick board meeting or intimate private venue
It includes:
Platters of sandwiches
Bowls of crisps
Our Bronze Menu
Need something a bit more elaborate but not too much? our bronze menu is the right option...
Platters of sandwiches 
Bowls of crisps
Selection of 2 savouries  
Selection of 3 bite size cakes
Our Silver Menu
Platters of sandwiches or mini rolls
Selection of 4 savouries  
Selection of 3 bite size cakes 
Platter of fresh fruits
Our Gold Menu
Selection of filled mini rolls or wraps 
Selection of 6 savouries and canapés 
Selection of 4 bite size cakes and macaroons
Fresh fruit skewers
Our Diamond Menu
Selection of mini filled rolls, sandwiches and wraps
Selection of 10 savouries and french verrines  
Selection of homemade whole cakes, french macaroons and petits fours 
Fresh fruits skewers 


More than just a caterer, we are passionate about delivering sensational food for your business meeting or private event. Our aim is to make your occasion special, memorable and impressive for your guests. We take pride in our creations and value our customers feed back before anything else. You won't be disappointed!

Our menus gives you an indication of the type of food we can do for you but we will adapt to you  needs and desires, nothing is impossible for us! No order is too big or too small...

Our choice of savouries
Our choice of cakes and sweets:
Chocolate fudge brownie
lemon drizzle 
Carrot cake 
Victoria sponge 
French Macaroons
Mini scone strawberry and cream
Mini fruit tarts
Petits fours 
From quiches to canapes or french verrines, our savouries are made with passion from the freshest and best quality ingredients to make them perfect for every occasion
Handmade puff pastry sausage rolls
Mini stuffed croissants
Mini luxury round quiches 
Homemade quiche wedges
Mini pies
Brie and grape skewers
Mature cheddar and pineapple skewers
Mozzarella di Buffala cherry tomato and basil skewer
red onion bacon and cheese mini frittatas
Cheddar tomato and basil mini frittatas 
Mini beef and horseraddish yorkshire pudding 
Goats cheese and red onion chutney tartelette
vegetable spring rolls 
Thai battered king prawn 
Prawn cocktail tartelette